Grief as a
​Mystical Journey

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1. We begin with either a guided meditation, drumming, chanting, sacred group dance or other process that opens our hearts and shakes loose the energies of clinging, fear and attachment. 
2. After a brief introductory lecture and demonstration designed to help us release any limiting beliefs, theologies or social identities that may be hindering our healing, we create an image of our "grief landscape" via drawing or writing. Using these materials, along with personal sacred objects that we've brought to the workshop, we build the first in a series of altars (we call them "Stations of the Heart"), that express the steps in our journey. The first is an altar to our sense of loss. It is aligned with the element of EARTH.

​3. From there, we move into small groups where we can share our grief stories. Your randomly-assigned group mates will be your support partners throughout the workshop. 

4. After a brief lecture and discussion, we move to the second Station of the Heart, which represents the empty space we carry inside us. At this station, we symbollically "re-fill" the empty space. This station is aligned with the element of WATER.

5. This is followed by "Writing a Letter From Heaven," a process in which we open a conduit to the higher realms of consciousness and allow divine guidance and messages from departed loved ones to come through. 

6. The third Station of the Heart represents the purging of old beliefs and attachments, and our journey toward rebirth. This is expressed through ceremonial lighting of candles and/or incense, accompanied by sacred chanting and guided visualization. It is aligned with the element of FIRE. 

7. The fourth Station of the Heart is our closing ceremony, in which we find our way back to communion with others and a sense of belonging and "rightness" with our place in the grand scheme of things. This station is aligned with the element of AIR (or spirit).


For each workshop, we bring in a noted, proven psychic medium who will deliver messages for randomly-selected audience members. Although this is a separate "ticket," we encourage participants to attend, because it provides an inspiring conclusion and closure for a day of intense grief work! 

Each workshop is custom-created, and time frames vary according to the venue and the requests of our host organizations. Some of our workshops begin on Friday evening and continue through Sunday afternoon, while others take place on one day only, and others may be only 2-4 hours long.

Here is a general overview of the basic processes and elements that you might experience in one of our workshops. Although there are slight variations, the basic idea is always the same: